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Michael Grubb shares some pearls of wisdom in the latest edition of arc magazine

“I’m not a believer of standing still, because eventually you’re going to get caught out. There’s an energy in doing new things and being positive and exciting”.

This is just one of the many thoughts our Founder, Michael Grubb, shared with the Editor of arc Magazine, Matt Waring when they recently sat down to talk all things Michael Grubb Studio.

An open and frank discussion – from where it all started for Michael and the studio, to what the future holds, and everything in-between.

Speaking about how the recent rebrand came about during the pandemic, through a period of self-reflection, Michael discussed how as a Studio we do not follow the crowd. We do what is right for us and our clients – and at the right time. 

This refreshing approach has always been at the core of Michael Grubb Studio, even from the very beginning. When Michael created Michael Grubb Studio, he positioned himself somewhere completely unique in the lighting industry – between architectural lighting and light art. 

On a stylistic level, this is where our Studio and team thrived. Michael adds, “We created technically sound, but really subjective lighting design. Our approach was as long as we think it looks cool, it’s done’. That was enough of a starting point to know where we were going.”

Moving forward we want to take this approach and develop it for the larger projects we now undertake. We are excited to continue in this vein and do what we do best throughout 2022 (and beyond), hence our exciting plans and projects over the coming months. Read the full interview here