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Bath Abbey works start on site

After many years of planning, Bath Abbey’s ambitious Footprint project has finally commenced on site.

Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Footprint project is a £19.3 million programme of capital works and interpretation which will ensure the Abbey is more sustainable, hospitable and useable for local residents, worshippers and visitors alike.

Bath Abbey has also been granted a lease of rights by B&NES Council to use some of the energy in Bath’s famous hot springs for an innovative eco-heating system to heat the Abbey and surrounding buildings. Every day, a quarter of a million gallons of hot water flow from the Sacred Spring underneath the Roman Baths complex and through the Great Roman Drain into the nearby River Avon. This underground journey takes it directly past the Abbey. If harnessed correctly and converted as part of the Abbey and B&NES Council’s joint initiative, it could produce 1.5 megawatts of continuous energy – more than enough to heat the Abbey and surrounding buildings.

Lighting design for the Abbey, Vaults and newly proposed Visitor Centre has been provided by Michael Grubb Studio. The various lighting schemes will be implemented over a number of phases. We will keep you updated.