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Bletchley Park Intelligence Factory Shortlisted at Museum + Heritage Awards

Michael Grubb Studio is thrilled to announce that the Intelligence Factory in Bletchley Park was shortlisted in the Permanent Exhibition of the Year category of the Museums + Heritage Awards 2023.

The Intelligence Factory is the latest exhibition at the Bletchley Park site and has taken pride of place as the largest exhibition on the space. The exhibition brings together objects, personal stories, and interactive elements to share the story of Bletchley Park’s wartime operations between 1942 and 1945.

Michael Grubb Studio created the lighting scheme for this project, which enhances and illuminates the historic artefacts and information housed in the exhibition. The studio worked alongside Ralph Appelbaum Associates to provide advice on a range of areas including ambience, lighting control, functionality, futureproofing and the preservation of the exhibits.

The team of lighting experts also offered guidance on the complex issue of emergency lighting to ensure it was fully compliant, yet carefully integrated and less visible. By enhancing the narrative and providing depth, the design has ensured the focus was on the exhibition, artefacts, and an interactive immersive experience.

Studio Founder Michael Grubb said: “We were proud to be part of this project, working closely with the design team to ensure the lighting scheme was delivered with thought and care. The exhibition can be enjoyed to its full potential, allowing visitors a fully immersive experience as the story is brought to light. Being shortlisted for a Museum + Heritage Award was a huge honour for the team and recognises our hard work and dedication to creating rich, thoughtful museum lighting.”

The Museums + Heritage Awards celebrates the very best in museums, galleries, and cultural and heritage visitor attractions. To view more lighting design details about this project, click here.