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Brooklands Aircraft Factory

We are delighted to announce that the Brooklands Aircraft Factory has finally opened its doors to the public.

The project is part of the wider £8m Heritage Lottery- funded Brooklands Aircraft Factory and Race Track Revival Project.

The new exhibition, designed by RAA, is located within the Bellman Hanger, which has been moved off the Race Track’s Finishing Straight and reinterpreted as the ‘Brooklands Aircraft Factory’, evoking 80 years of aviation design and manufacture and providing an inspiring centre for learning about science and engineering.

Inside the Bellman Hangar an ‘Aircraft Factory’ environment has been created, harking back to the Hangar’s original use as a manufacturing building. Exhibitions explore the history of aircraft manufacture – from the pioneering early aircraft of wood and fabric, to the supersonic airliner and the technologies of the future.

The exhibition is packed full of activities, enabling visitors to try out aircraft-building skills for themselves, drawing on the Brooklands spirit of experimentation and creating a unique learning experience.

Full details will be available shortly.