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[d]arc installation: Dancing in the Moonlight

As the name suggests, Dancing in the Moonlight was inspired by the supernatural delight of the moon’s light. A single enchanting light draws spectators into a circle. Reminiscent of the moon, silver and cool-toned translucent elements are suspended from above, catching direct light and projecting their form onto the surrounding surfaces. Once inhabited, a dance of lights activates and fully immerses those within its ‘supernatural delight.’ People are taken by the movement of the lights and spinning moons, seeing the colours and patterns on their skin, and marvelling in the spectacle. Everybody’s dancing in the Moonlight!

With the circular economy in mind, Dancing in the Moonlight was created using material scraps and samples found in our studio and the We-ef showroom to avoid material waste.

The installation consisted of a repurposed structure, whose sides were covered in a recycled lightweight fabric to prevent light spill and maximise visitors’ experience. The reflective elements were suspended from cables and formed from cardboard with translucent filters. The effect allowed visitors to pass through the elements and fully immerse in the experience.

A combination of We-ef surface mounted linear LEDs and Narrow beam spotlights with GOBOs and accessories were mounted on a lightweight overhead element.

The thin floor of the installation concealed integrated switches that activate three immersive lighting scenes:  The Hey! Scene: a central spotlight is illuminated to attract curiosity and invite visitors to the installation.

Visitors step on Switch one and activate the Welcome scene as they enter: spotlights turn on. Dimmed lights begin to appear and slowly pan across the surfaces. The final scene: Dancing in the Moonlight, is activated when visitors enter the central circle and step on Switch two, bringing all the luminaires to life. The intensity of the light increases and creates an immersive effect, evoking the Moonlight. Visitors step on Switch three upon exit to end the experience and return the installation to Scene one.

All the luminaires were produced from 90% authentic, refined and recycled aluminium. Furthermore, all material will be reused, repurposed, or returned to partners once the installation is deconstructed.

DESIGN: Michael Grubb Studio

SPONSOR: We-ef Lighting

PHOTOGRAPHER: Gavriil Papadiotis