lighting design

Design To Shape Light

We have been selected to participate in ‘Design To Shape Light’ – a photographic exhibition by extraordinary creatives, interpreting light.

The result is a selection of twenty-one dramatically different photographs by some of Europe’s most innovative architects, designers and creatives. Each photograph will be available for sale through a silent auction with all proceeds going to Maggie’s Barts, at St Bartholomew’s Hospital. Maggie’s Barts provides free practical, emotional and social support for people with cancer and their families and friends.

Our concept was to demonstrate the ephemeral qualities and scientific principles of light.

Bubbles capture the essence of wonder, evanescent and rich with ephemeral colour. They also reveal certain colours of the visible light spectrum, which demonstrate the characteristics of white light and how light is made up of specific wavelengths.

The photo was taken at Michael Grubb Studio’s offices, it involved three members of the team and took over 200 attempts to capture the desired effect.

Curator’s comment: A perfectly formed soap bubble evokes a childlike playfulness. Whilst we all have memories of such things, seldom do we stop to think about the play of light that creates the iridescence. An absolutely brilliant image.

Each photograph will be framed, exhibited and available for sale from the 10th October and crucially, all proceeds will be given to Maggie’s Centres.

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