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Greta & Melissa present at PLDC 2019, Rotterdam

Greta presented her talk, “Educating Retail Clients” which built upon research undertaken and presented at PLDC 2018, Singapore by Greta and Matt. 

As a direct result, Greta has been responsible for the successful creation and implementation of a sustainable spotlight, as well as the establishment of a circular economy with major retail client, LUSH.  

Looking to the future, knowledge and experience gained provide the focus to expand upon existing work.  Further concept ideas are now being developed, empowering the lighting community to work together and create a sustainable future for the benefit of all.

Melissa’s talk, “Harry Potter in the Office – the search for a new reality” presents the office as an opportunity to consider how we can give meaning to our work, focusing on people and stories, in order to transform spaces rather than just reproduce them. 

Her experience, as a photographer and cinematographer, provide insights and inspiration from other art forms that encourage us to look unconventionally at the conventional to create something altogether new and original.