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Jameson Whiskey Experience

Michael Grubb Studio has been appointed by Irish Distillers to provide Lighting Design services for the Midleton Redevelopment Project. Working in conjunction with exhibition designers, RAA, our scope includes a Lighting & Brand Strategy followed by detailed designs for the buildings, landscape, courtyards and the various visitor experiences – which includes the famous Jameson Whisky Tasting Experience.

The Jameson Experience, Cork

The Midleton distilleries complex is situated in County Cork, Ireland and is owned by Irish Distillers, a subsidiary of Pernod Ricard. Established in the early 17th century it now operates as a visitor centre known as the Jameson Experience.

In 1966, John Power & Son, John Jameson & Son and the Cork Distilleries Company (which owned the Old Midleton Distillery) merged to form the Irish Distillers Group. The board of the newly formed company decided to close their existing distilleries and consolidate all production at a new facility. This was built at Midleton, as it was the only existing site with room for expansion. The distillery has expanded vastly, with Irish Distillers investing over €200 million to double the capacity of the plant and a tour explaining the history of Jameson Whisky.

Midleton is one of the most modern distilleries in the world and boasts three 75,000 litre pot stills (the largest currently in operation worldwide) and three column stills, which are used in combination to produce different types of whisky. With a total production capacity of 64 million litres per annum, the distillery is the largest in Ireland.

The grounds of the old Midleton Distillery also house the official historical archives for the Irish Distillers Whisky labels within the old Master Distiller’s House.