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Lights in Goa – The Why, How and When of Lighting Design

Studio Founder Michael Grubb, was delighted to participate in this year’s Lights in Goa, as one of the keynote speakers.

The 7th edition of this year’s theme for the annual event, which is an educational seminar and workshop series, was ‘Technology – by humans for humans’. Michael delivered his session on ‘The Why, How and When of Lighting Design’.

At the start of every project, the why, how, and when of what the lighting design must achieve needs to be considered.

Why – The overall effect of lighting is to give people joy, make them happier and put a smile on their face. Light is the emotion at the core of each project and is what creates and drives the experience.

How – Lighting design presents a constant battle between creativity and technology. As a Studio we expertly balance both aspects to deliver a design that aligns with the client’s artistic vision, yet which can also be maintained over time and operated by others.

When – Lighting schemes change throughout the days, months, and years. We reconfigure lighting based on moods and emotions to make life more interesting and to reflect peoples desires.

Michael showcased a range of external and internal projects to demonstrate this carefully created thought process. From the Wembley changing rooms through to Princes Circus and multi award winning Bath Abbey, the lighting designs Michael Grubb Studio have created have touched people’s lives in many different ways.