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London Metropolitan University

Michael Grubb Studio won the ‘invited competition’ to provide lighting design services for London Metropolitan University’s Holloway Campus.

The project seeks to unify a disparate collection of existing buildings and provide a new ‘heart’ at the centre of campus.

Michael Grubb Studio will be working in conjunction with Gustafson Porter + Bowman (Landscape Architects), Design Engine (Architects), Homes Wood (Wayfinding), G+T (Project Management) and the client to develop a lighting scheme that unifies the surrounding building’s whilst providing a dynamic backdrop for people to spend time.

The new square will be used for various purposes during the University’s annual life cycle and will frequently host large and small events. The overall vision it to create an outstanding space that is inclusive, animated, inspiring and forms a new ‘heart’ at Holloway.

Due for completion in 2019, the final design will heighten the visual and sensory experience for users across campus, improve orientation and wayfinding, strengthen links with the wider public and local communities, provide space for University events and external events and exhibitions, be a central amenity space for staff and students, be integral with the wider proposals of the masterplan, and improve physical access.