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Michael Grubb Brought the Future of Lighting to the Futurebuild Audience

Studio Founder Michael Grubb was delighted to be a recent speaker at the Futurebuild exhibition which took place at London Excel. Appearing on the Interiors and Lighting stage, Michael presented his talk ‘The future of lighting’ to a fully captivated audience.

Michael shared how lighting designers can really steer the course of the industry towards energy saving and sustainability. Lighting design is ever-changing, and the practice evolves, not just progressing in a linear fashion but by predicting and determining future trends.

Michael touched on the impact of digital transformation on the lighting industry, comparing the revolution towards LED luminaires to the transition from petrol and diesel cars to Electric Vehicles. Ultimately technology catches up to what is commercially viable.

Clients are starting to recognise the importance of lighting, as much more than just illuminating a space – it is performance enhancing, the language of a brand, and a tool to influence emotions. Michael discussed how this allows studios to challenge clients’ expectations and standards, which the studio did whilst creating the lighting design for the award-winning West Downs Campus, University of Winchester project.

Looking towards the future, Michael discussed the studio’s work on sustainable solutions, including the Re:Lit project. This initiative aims to promote the circular economy of lighting through reengineering, taking equipment that would otherwise be sent to landfill and remanufacturing it to be used in a new environment.

Through initiatives such as these, lighting designers can influence manufacturers, suppliers, and specifiers to use more energy efficient lighting solutions and act as pioneering leaders for the future of the lighting industry.

Michael’s talk was well received by the audience with many attendees genuinely interested to discuss the evolution of the lighting industry as a whole, and what the future holds.

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