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Michael Grubb captivate the audience at the AIDI National Congress

Our Founder, Michael Grubb captivated the audience at the AIDI 2022 National Congress in Naples with his insightful outline of The Future of Lighting Design.

Michael discussed the key topics: 

What is the impact of digital transformation on the lighting industry? 

What will the role of lighting design be in the future? 

How can lighting designers influence the adoption of the circular economy? 

As an industry, we have spent the last few years focused on reducing energy costs, which in itself has impacted the way we design and the tools we apply. However, with ESGs, a climate emergency, and resource scarcity all driving forces for positive change in the lighting industry, lighting design will have a role to play in influencing manufacturers and specifiers, steering the course of the lighting industry!

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Photography: Raffaele Ferraro