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Michael Grubb Studio Illuminates Broad Marsh Public Realm and Nottingham Light Night

Michael Grubb Studio’s Broad marsh Public Realm installation will be part of Nottingham Light Night, flipping the newly designed architectural lighting installation on its head to create a unique one-off experience dubbed ‘Fear the Light’, which is set to illuminate the city centre for two nights only.

The project started back in 2019, when Michael Grubb Studio was appointed by Nottingham City Council (NCC) to deliver a lighting masterplan and detailed designs for the extensive areas of new public realm around the Broad marsh area of the City Centre.

Over the past five years Michael Grubb Studio has worked with NCC, and alongside architects Pick Everard and Townshend Landscape Architects, to create a high-quality public set of spaces which links new developments including the new Nottingham College facility, bus station and car park, and the upcoming central library development.

The underside of the tram bridge has been highlighted to make the journey for commuters more appealing and interesting. The installation also creates a welcoming gateway to the site and provides a positive backdrop to what was once a dark and imposing space, both by day and by night. The lighting environment supports use, with specific scenes set for each day of the week, with a variety of slow, static images and animations developed to support those engaging with the space after dark.

This permanent creative lighting scheme under the tram bridge has been reconfigured to create a one-off installation that showcases the work the studio has achieved to date. Fear the Light is a one-off artistic display that looks to transform the positive lit attraction into an unpredictable, dramatic and imposing experience.

Steve Dickens, Senior Project Manager at Nottingham City Council, commented: “The lighting design by Michael Grubb Studio has brought the Broad marsh Public Realm to life, providing students, commuters and the general public with a well-lit and appealing place to gather. We are thrilled to have the installation uniquely revamped to feature as part of Nottingham Light Night, beating heart into the power of the city and demonstrating the power of investing in lighting. We are incredibly proud of the work that Michael Grubb Studio has done throughout Broad marsh over the past five years. This installation not only helps to make the city more appealing, but brings the community together to appreciate the art.”

Now in its 15th year, the popular after-dark festival is taking place on 3rd and 4th of February, in various venues and locations across Nottingham city centre. Visitors can be immersed in the Fear the Light installation – available for two nights only, it is a stunning sight to behold against the backdrop of the city after dark.

Project credits:
Client – Nottingham City Council
Project Management and Architect – Pick Everard
Landscape Architect – Townshend Landscape Architects
Contractor – Thomas Bow
Lighting Designer – Michael Grubb Studio