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Ó Mouraria Ilumina a Montra, Portugal

Michael Grubb has accepted the invitation to participate at “Ó Mouraria, ilumina a montra!” in Lisbon, which will be held from 13 to 15 September 2017.

This event is being organized by LLD-APDII (Portuguese Association of Independent Lighting Designers), with the remit to raising awareness, in Portugal, of the lighting design profession.

The event’s main focus is the re-activation of the historical borough of Mouraria. Over three days architecture and design students will be led by a professional lighting designer, who will help them develop lighting design ideas for ten display windows of Mouraria’s traditional retail stores. The teams will develop their lighting design ideas in a workshop environment that will be subject to a competition at the end of the event.

Michael will take on several assignments at the event, including Keynote Speaker, Mentor and then Jury for the competition.