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Perfume: A Sensory Journey, Somerset House, London

Perfume will be a multi-sensory exhibition that features ten extraordinary perfumes and their pioneering creators, all of which have radically changed our perceptions of fragrance over the last 20 years.

From the self-taught to the classically trained, the exhibition explores perfumers reworking their palette of ingredients to construct original and outrageous signatures which assault all of the senses. No longer anonymous figures working behind the scenes for big brands; the selected perfumers have opened up and are celebrating their craft with a global online community of fumeheads. Providing insights into processes, engaging in discussions and even taking inspiration from customers, they have offered a much more accessible approach to perfumery that’s unlike anything seen before.

Michael Grubb Studio will be working once again with Muf Architecture, who are lead designers for the project.

The exhibition will run from 21 Jun – 17 Sept 2017 at Somerset House, London. Tickets can be purchased here.