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Michael Grubb Studio works intensely with commercial, workplace and education settings on a wide range of interior and exterior projects. We have created and supported lighting strategies for many workplaces, entire campuses, halls of residences and commercial developments. As well as bringing these schemes and proposals to life, we develop them over time as requirements naturally evolve and expand.

As more of these spaces aim to become multi-use, there is a growing need for a high level of flexibility, with regards to both the approach to the spaces and the control. There is also a shift towards the creation of a lighting approach that supports a good working environment and promotes wellbeing via the consideration of circadian rhythms.

Aligning our Lighting Design with current standards and trends, in both the domestic and international markets, is crucial to our approach and success. The extensive experience we bring with this ensures we can achieve this within budget and in conjunction with meeting the brief. Sustainable practice and approaches are incorporated as elements within our design work, including passive sustainable design, high-quality, efficient light sources and the promotion of health via green elements, such as living walls.

Lighting plays a key role in improving the experience of buildings for those working or learning within a space. A carefully considered lighting scheme is vital for the well-being of employees, students and visitors to create a productive space that also promotes a healthy and happy environment.

For settings where brand recognition is important, we look for opportunities to promote and incorporate the company brand and ethos via the lighting design. Furthermore, Michael Grubb Studio is adept at working with multi-disciplinary architects as well as coordinating between the client, interior designer, and other stakeholders, to create a cohesive design.

Projects Include: