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Our work for the hospitality sector has spanned hotels, spas, restaurants, bars and many more venues. Although hospitality is an overarching sector, each project is treated individually according to their brand and their lighting requirements.

All hospitality projects are designed with creativity while delivering flexibility. This allows for the generation of lit environments that can be effortlessly controlled, adjusted and maintained by staff to transform each environment. Our approach ensures project longevity, so all spaces can be adapted to meet future requirements and for special events.

Working in collaboration with our clients, we incorporate their brand standards and aims. For venues with multiple locations, we ensure the lighting design can be reproduced, taking into account variations between the different sites.

Our experience in the creation of bespoke luminaires is often utilised in the hospitality sector. We work closely with clients to create truly unique and beautiful lighting solutions, that enhance their brand and ethos. For the hospitality sector, meeting ecological standards and requirements is important. The Michael Grubb Studio team is adept at incorporating elements such as passive sustainable design and the use of high-quality, efficient light sources into our lighting schemes. We also make sure that wellbeing is considered while blending this with ambiance to deliver a comfortable yet desirable environment.

Projects Include: