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Interactive lighting design makes a leap from the conventional, with its’ eyes focused on emerging technologies and new possibilities including; multi-media technologies, creative applications and lighting control systems.  Interactive design can be a dramatic theatrical display, a subdued moment or something entirely different. 

We have developed Lighting Schemes that can be controlled via smartphones, tablets or computers, designed by our talented in-house programming team.  We work alongside other creatives in various sectors such as exhibition and museums, retail and special projects to create different experiences, such as audio-visual displays. Our team can provide training and support to ensure the technology is accessible and adaptable for all those using it over time.

Conversely, a lit environment that responds to people doesn’t have to happen at the touch of a button to be considered interactive.  Our senses respond and interact with light in complex ways.  The subtleties of new and emerging technologies respond to this, allowing for more finely tuned experiences where interaction can be triggered a variety of innovative ideas.  This, coupled with Michael Grubb Studio’s other areas of expertise and knowledge, expand the possibilities and practical applications of interactive lighting design across all sectors.