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Wonderlab at the National Science+Media Museum Opens!

In total, 22 exhibits compete for attention in Wonderlab and designing a space to hold them all was no mean feat. The task was taken on by Michael Grubb Studio (which took care of lighting), Ab Rogers (3D design) and LucienneRoberts+ (2D design).

Wonderlab is all about experimenting with science. Students can investigate how light and sound work through an amazing range of fun, interactive exhibits. Exciting live science shows will take them on a journey of discovery.

Think like a scientist, feed your curiosity and have a go. Touch, try and photograph your experience as you navigate your way through more than 20 mind-bending exhibits. Hear your voice echo through a 15m-long tube, get lost in mirrors, make art using light, and travel through a laser tunnel.

By experimenting, playing and exploring, students can understand how light and sound are the building blocks of the technology they use every day.

Details of the project and our role as Lighting Designers will be added to our Portfolio page shortly.