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Strategy & Masterplans

  • Circus St

From Urban City Centres and mixed-use developments to the creation of entirely new neighbourhoods, the Michael Grubb Studio team has extensive experience of large-scale Masterplanning projects. We develop lighting strategies that define the lit character of streets, spaces, routes, architecture and the public realm.

Working in collaboration with local authorities, government organisations, commercial companies and developers, our lighting design proposals provide structure and hierarchy to these schemes. This is supported through regular stakeholder engagement, working closely with our clients, project partners and key stakeholders to ensure our thinking is aligned.

By taking a holistic view at the initial stages of the project, our team can gain an overview of the proposals before we focus in on the details. We review and assess the brief, enabling us to advise and make recommendations on further ideas or opportunities that may need to be considered.

By focusing on how people interact and respond to spaces and architecture, we can assure the enrichment and enjoyment of the scheme by others. Our research and development involve in-depth studies looking at the current location and demographic of the area, followed by an assessment of how the new Public Realm will be used by people during all times of the day and at different times of the year.

Across all of our work, we negate the concern for maintenance and running costs by developing schemes that are sustainable and easy to manage. As part of this, we regularly take on the role of Lighting Design ‘Guardians’ for our clients, providing strategic guidance and advice for future lighting installations. This allows us to create ongoing sustainable solutions that are both energy-efficient and cost-effective, as well as ensuring a cohesive lit environment is maintained.

Projects Include: