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Public Realm, Landscape & Exterior

Michael Grubb Studio works on a wide variety of landscape, public realm lighting and exterior projects. Our experience extends across rural landscapes, city centre developments, large scale regeneration projects and lighting design solutions for numerous buildings and structures.

Our focus is to design innovative, sustainable environments that are energy and cost efficient, to ultimately create a positive impact on the people who use these areas for a variety of reasons. This works closely with our understanding of the financial implication of future maintenance and running costs, which is why we look to ensure that our lighting schemes are easy to maintain, with strategies to offset energy consumption.

To help assure a project’s success, we always develop close working relationships with our clients and the project team. We also invest a significant amount of time liaising with various external stakeholder groups, which can include by example, local authorities, relevant governing bodies and those responsible for the network of associated services and infrastructure.

As part of this close working relationship, we undertake lighting workshops with different groups to progress and educate others about the final version. Our experience and expertise of working with external stakeholders ensures that any challenges can be overcome, making creative concepts deliverable realities.

Any environmental concerns require assurance that the scheme will deliver best practice to protect the environment, safeguard against glare, light spill and light trespass. Our past cooperation and experience working with ecologists ensures we have an understanding of the effects that artificial light can have on localised habitats which informs and educates our design process.

Michael Grubb Studio has an award-winning track record in researching and undertaking more sustainable methods of working. We work with renewable technologies such as wind and water turbines, as well as photovoltaic technology. In addition, we have experience of lighting schemes designed for extreme weather conditions, such as saltwater environments and exceedingly high or low temperatures.

Projects Include: